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C|A|E…Making It Happen In The Blogging World!

Love Unconditional

Me and my wife who is my Backbone And Support System


Glad you could join me on another venture with C|A|E Graphic Design. Pronounced Cee-Ay-Ee. The initials of my name Christopher Allen Etheredge! I’d like to thank my wife of 14 years for putting up with me and being my inspiration to do good things. Thanks Babe!!

The year was 1978 and I met a  young man named Reggie Byers who forever changed my life. He introduced me to the art of writing, drawing and producing comic books. I already had an artistic side to myself but Reggie was the catalyst to choosing art as a life’s path! THANKS REG!

From that point, I went to the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where I met a lot of great artists and great people. Reggie, Art Institute Alum, Robert Durham and myself, started out own comic book company called Victory Productions and produced comics of our own creation. That was one of the greatest experiences in my life as I learned a lot about art, production, business and about myself. After that, I went to work for a screen printing company and gathered even more practical skills and with the advent of the Macintosh, helped the company grow from screen printing to offset printing all the way to digital printing! Thanks Screen Gems! I also freelanced for a plastic bag manufacturer called Alef Custom Packaging and became their art director. Over the years designed and recreated hundreds of logos and bag brands, all the while cognizant of the boundaries of plastic bag printing at that time. Thanks Alef Packaging! Even more hardcore experience working for an advertising agency and a high-end printer gave me more incentive to do my own thing.

So, in 2009, needing a wider creative platform, C|A|E Graphic Design was born. So follow me and my ‘Make It Happen” mantra as I try to effectively communicate for small and micro-businesses everywhere!


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