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…patiently waiting for Blackberries

I know, I know…it’s just the end of January and I’m whining for Spring! In the last few years we have had the most peculiar weather patterns that I can remember. February and March loom, quietly winking with the almost assured promise of bad bad winter weather to come…brrrrrrrrr! As I was looking through my iPhoto library, I came across the pics of my baby Blackberry bush that I planted last spring. Gardening is a pastime passed onto me by my mother. I would watch her meticulously turn over the earth in our backyard and set her plants in neat rows while using knowledge of growing things in God’s good earth that I’m sure not only reaches back to her rural upbringing in South Carolina but has it genesis all the way back to our ancestors farming in Africa! So now I too have a rapport with this Terra Firma.

For a few days in late January, it was very warm, allowing me to go out into my yard with my dog, and that’s when I spotted my now dormant Blackberry bush. Still healthy, with it’s dark stems and foliage. It reminded me of the warmth of spring which brought a broad smile to my face…the thought of the sweet dark berries grown in my own garden….the joy my wife and daughters will have eating those fruit. So February and March, do your worst as I am patiently waiting for Blackberries.


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